Lightroom Presets

Sometimes I sit down to edit photos and I just can’t decide where to begin. Lightroom presets are a perfect starting point for any image. They are pre-programmed edits that you can apply with just one click and then customize to your individual image. Not only do they provide a great place to start but they also speed up the process of editing lots of photos.

These presets work with versions of Lightroom 5 and above. If you need assistance installing the presets I have detailed instructions to help you.

Free Adobe Lightroom Preset Pack

I’ve put together a small pack of presets just in time for summer, that you can download for free!

Inside you will find three color and one black and white preset.

IMG_7483-2Loop of SheiKra at Busch Gardensorangutan

Lightroom Preset Starter Pack

This preset pack includes a total of ten presets.

Included in the pack are ten color presets and ten black and white presets.

IMG_1823-2 IMG_9515IMG_0236-2